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We have Delivery options to fit your needs!  When ordering, please specify which delivery service you require as each delivery option uses a different style of delivery truck.


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Standard Delivery

Our Standard Delivery

Our Standard Delivery is made with a normal dump truck that can deliver the soil onto the yard, driveway or street. Standard Delivery pricing varies according to what part of the city the delivery is made.  Give us a call for exact pricing.

Smart Delivery

Our Power wheelbarrow service

A Smart Delivery will save your back and your weekend!

You will love our Smart Delivery service, where advice and use of our tools is always free!  

See the Smart Delivery pricing below.

Did you know that 1 cubic yard of topsoil weighs about 1 ton?  Moving a dump truck load of soil by hand can easily be a day's work.  A Smart Delivery lets you save your time and energy for more important things other than moving topsoil.

Our Smart Delivery buggy can place the topsoil in your yard where you need it.  The topsoil is off-loaded directly from delivery truck to the topsoil buggy which can easily move the topsoil to most places in your yard.  No need for shoveling or pushing a wheel barrow. Our topsoil buggy runs on rubber tracks and can haul 1/2 cubic yard per trip without causing major damage to the turf.  The topsoil buggy can fit through a 36 inch gate opening.

Don't worry about ordering the wrong amount.  The topsoil is off-loaded directly into the buggy that hauls 1/2 a cubic yard per trip.  You pay only for the amount of topsoil that is off-loaded.


Spreading Services

We have the tools and expertise to move, spread and level the topsoil.  No job is too large nor too small for us.  It's topsoil done right!  

See our Spreading Services page for pricing and more details.

Standard Deliveries:  Standard Deliveries are priced according to where the delivery is made.  Give us a call for your Standard delivery pricing.

Smart Deliveries: Our power wheelbarrow service is priced by the cubic yard

Our power wheelbarrow service is priced by how many cubic yards we wheelbarrow for you.

The cost is $37.50 per cubic yard for the power wheelbarrow service.

plus cost of the topsoil

plus the Standard dump truck delivery fee

Here is a pricing example:

Smart Delivery fee (power wheelbarrow service)= $37.50

1 cubic yard of Pulverized Topsoil = $37.50

Standard delivery fee for a small load in Olathe= $65

Cost for this delivery is $140 plus sales tax

Here is another pricing example:

Smart Delivery fee (power wheelbarrow service) for 6 cy=$225

6 cubic yards of Pulverized Topsoil= $225

Standard Delivery fee to Leawood= $65

Cost for this delivery is $515 plus sales tax

Call or text 913-888-SOIL      (913-888-7645)


Locations:  Olathe, Kansas & Kansas City, Missouri



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